My favourite thing is when people post oatmeal and they’re like, “kept it super simple today” and it’s like vanilla bean matcha chai toffee coffee oats with cocoa nibs, caramelized star fruit and bewitched pecan butter with barbecued bananas captured in the trees of Narnia.

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22. April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Is there something wrong with your back?

Hey anon, no I don’t think that something is wrong with my back. But it’s different from most other backs I guess ;) It’s called scoliosis, most would simply describe it as a twisted spine…

raychilliest asked: i saw your weight loss post, and first off i wanna say congrats!!!! another thing i noticed was your scoliosis, so i had to check your blog, and sure enough you're very aware of it (which is good). I guess i was just curious, because i had scoliosis too, and i think it's pretty awesome that ppl who have/have had it still kick ass at things like exercise, which can be weird.. with a twisted/fused spine and all. anyway I'm blabbing, hope i don't sound too obnoxious.. stay rad dude

Thanks for your message! Yeah, sometimes it’s easier to make excuses but in the end it’s worth it to stay strong :) One should always try not to focus on the weak spots but on the (hidden) strength ;) Thx again 


if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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Starting with my highest weight of 185lbs in 2009 I lost a few pounds in 3 years by eating less, but not the healthy way.
In 2013 I started to eat clean(er) and go to the gym and enjoy life! I got rid of fat, unhealthy habits and negative people. 
Still on my way to becoming confident and entirely happy with who I am.
Keep going and you will achieve great things! :)

Is there something wrong with your backbone? Not trying to be mean or anything it just looks painful!! It might be how your standing but it looks alittle curved in both

As you noticed from the pic: yes, my spine is pretty twisted… Scoliosis was diagnosed 11years ago. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t 😉 Being more active and going to the gym reduced pain though 👍